Stages of maturity on the way to microservices

Microservices - are we ready to embrace them?


Microservies. Everybody is talking about microservices. Everybody says they do microservces (or at least they plan to) . The definition of microservice architecture is quite broad and vague: functional decoupling into discrete services. Therefore a number of approaches, with different flavors and implementations is so great - everybody can do microservices differently.

In this talk we aim to categorize and make some things clear. Based on experience from multiple companies, projects and f*ck ups, we would like to propose certain maturity criteria which organizations must embrace to start with microservices approach. Without these, things might work but times might become even harder. We will walk through multiple practices essential for successful microservices rollout.

This won’t be a purely technical talk - no successful change in the organisation happened on purely technical bases. We will correlate the maturity criteria with some business drivers, which help team-up business and technical guys on the same side.

If your organisation considers microservices, or you - as an engineer - need some argument to better justify the technical choices, this talk might be for you.