Managing a team vs. babysitting kids

any differences?


Have you been promoted from developer to manager recently and feeling lost? Or You’re in programming-power-point business for years and still got surprised by your team? Don’t worry - we’ve been there too and we’re eager to share our experience. And we also have kids…​

Being a manager is on one hand attending dozen of courses, hundreds of read books: things you learn at the MBA studies, things you won’t learn at the MBA, psychology in business, human resources, coaching - list goes on and on…​ On the other hand, people say just be a good person, be consistent, believe in others - that will do. Managing people is as easy as kid’s play… So which is right, which is a way to go?

At this session you will learn how to practically apply a couple of management principles which set up a fundament for managing developers. We will put them to test with real life examples, how we succeeded or how we failed. These obviously are not silver bullets, these work in a certain context - which we won’t miss in our stories.

Are these a key, to make manager’s life so much easier? Are you interested in finding that key?

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