Java Enterprise'ish development without hassle

Approach Java web development without over-engineered hassle, as there are simpler approaches than JPA + EJB + JSF to build the web tier of your application.


This happens in every community: You don’t need Rails, to build a web application in Ruby. You don’t need templating engine for PHP - PHP is a templating language! We over engineer and over engineer, again and again.

Same happens in Java. Hibernate + EJB + JSF is not the only blessed stack for development of web application… one can argue it’s the worst. Same with Spring; no longer lighweight, no so robust - still powerful but not necessary the easiest. So what are the options for an average Java developer?

In this talk I’ll walk through multiple options, for modern Java web development: easy, quick, flexible and still state of an art. Starting for just obvious unknowns like embedded jetty, though micro pure-webframeworks, smaller and bigger swiss army knifes, which try to promise both: cover most of the application stack, still keeping things robust.


The feedback after Confitura 2014 surveys conference

  • "Very good presentation. On one hand effortless, on the other - with a lot of easy to remember information"

  • "I wish all presentations looked like this: quick run through some theory + lookup how the code looks in practice"

  • "Very inspiring presentation"


Confitura2014 (Polish)
GeeCON Prague 2014 (English)

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