I’ve been trying the Atom Editor multiple times, trying to switch from Sublime (my default text editing environment). I always found it not mature enough. I’ve recently given it another try - this time successfully. So it’s time for the plugin setup of my TypeScript IDE.

It’s all about plugins

Some things haven’t changes: still there is not need for npm install -g typescript - we can keep everything inside the editor. The full TypeScript support comes with multiple plugins.


It’s advertised as The only TypeScript plugin you will ever need and it’s quite so. It handles auto completion, compilation on save - good starting point for us to be productive.


It’s optional, but provides a good hint for consistency in your TypeScript files. Things like semicolons, are optional - but it’s good to either have them or not. Lint will take care of those.


Just to "Run code in Atom"; when it comes to some code snippets it’s worth to be able to evaluate if straight away in console (especially when you just hack around in the learning process). Script package gives you a helping hand here.

That’s about it. I know this it not a production environment, shipping IDE created js files is like shipping a jar file created through File > Export in Eclipse. Nonetheless, it’s enough to start getting better with language. Other tools will come with time.