Think for yourself; Marry Poppendieck

  • What great software engineers do: Sharpen the saw (develop expertise), share responsibility (deliver a real value), see the shadow of the future (make the world a better place)

  • Positive psychology. Started by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - when he started to write what’s good with you people as opposed to most psychologist who wrote what’s bad with you.

  • Elements needed to become an expert: Coach, challenge, feedback, steady progress towards getting things done

  • Brilliant Systems. Mental model match: those developing the system and those actually using the system.

  • App idea: the education datapalooza - as the Health Data Initiative Forum. The Health Datapalooza. Gather, collect and open the data for everybody

  • - everybody did their job, according to the spec. But all together - it didn’t work.

  • moving delivery organization to engineering organization:

    • delivery organization are becoming obsolete. Analyze how the time is spent in the organization (a practical approach to large scale agile development. Gary Gruver, Mike Yound and Pat Fulghum)

    • accept you are wasting money on planning

    • lack of control is not a problem. Instant feedback is a better way to control the process


Managers are from Mars; Ted Newards

  • Read more about Frederick Winslow Taylor. Taylor coined: you can’t manage if you cannot measure.

    • It’s said that this statement is flawed and was made up

  • Alan Cooper. "The Inmates are Running the Asylum"

Nie koduj, pisz prozę; Sławek Sobotka

The best quotes from Slawek Sobotka:

  • wszyscy wypróżniaja sie do tego samego Gita

  • encja na twarz i pchasz

  • Metody szacowania

    • Metoda szacowania L.W.P.z.D. "Liczby Wyciągnięte Prosto z Dupy"

    • Metoda Parkinsona

  • techniki lingwistyczne przy opisie historyjki: okazuje sie ze Wasze panie od polskiego prawie programowaly

  • w obiektowych programowaniu lubimy od tylu: reguły → znaczenie (kontekst) → słowa

    • sesja modelowania ze smutnymi ludźmi! nie używaj bleh albo blah to używaj greckich liter. Faktura razy dwa

    • na samym końcu dobieraj słowa - jak zrozumiesz kontekst i znaczenie na podstawie reguł

    • co sie dzieje na sesji CRC zostaje na sesji CRC

  • to była młodość. Chormony budują. Pierwszy wąs i Dune2

  • dobry obiekt jest

    • apatyczny. Nie chce mu sie robić

    • introwertyczny. Obiekty nie wchodzą z butami w inne obiekty

    • samolubny. Robi tylko swoje

  • switche pisze senior, junior pisze ify

  • hiper wymiarowa macierz statusów

  • podstawowa zasada w aplikacjach biznesowych to zmapowac (map), zredukować (reduce) i zwinąć w lewo (foldleft)

  • Integracja: jeden demon sie wypróżnia a drugi sprawdza czy juz

  • Twoj model biznesu jest suma błędów poprzednich pokoleń.

  • Klucz obcy to biznes znalazł u zony w torebce. Trafiłes w czuły punkt, nie dziw się że nie chcą z Tobą gadać.

  • minimize threat (you a run away from) and maximize reward (walk towards)

    • every social interaction on the project relates to the above

    • also feedback

  • Feedback. Is an observation not judgement

    • improve people

  • Antipatterns

    • feedback avoidance
      Little threat in small batches (30minutes a day) is less worse than one big threat. Avoid the lizard brain, approach feedback mindfully

    • giving advice
      Objective feedback. From non violent communication. Refer to objectives: things you see and feel. Noone can argue with that, it’s very yours

  • lizard response: fight, flight or freeze

  • TED talks on neuroscience

  • Emotional intelligence is the basic tool for software developer

  • corrective feedback

    • watch out bully language. Judgement

    • feedback is always subjective

  • label the feelings - it’s easier to handle the emotions when you know what it is

Go Reactive; Roland Kuhn

  • starting point: the user

    • user is not necessarily a human.

  • responsiveness: always available, interactive, (near) real time

    • not http timeout! much faster, appropriate for service

  • resilience. Responsive in the face of failure

    • one failure should not take down all other containers (comportment construction as if Titanic)

    • same happens for application servers: each application server is a compartment, which cascades the other nodes.

    • asynchronous calls cause synchronous calls implies coupling

    • make somebody’s else exception somebody else problem. Failer response goes to the owner, all other response returns to the user

  • CAP theorem. Consistence. Availability. Partion tolerance. Theorem is proven impossible to have all three.

    • does it really needed? Who needs it?

    • take ATMs. You cannot got all three at the same time, otherwise you won’t be able to take money in certain situations (offline)

Saiku – taking OLAP databases into 21st century; Tomek Nurkiewicz

  • great talk from Tomek, heard him for the first time - my bad

  • project for BigData. OpenSource OLAP cubes.

Exploring Nashorm; Vankat Subramaniam

  • "JavaScript treats you like a guest in its house. It never complains and quietly laughs at you behind your back"

  • this idea: coffescript DSL run in the Server side as script with Nashorn

How to define Success at your level; Kai Gilb

  • focus on values. Connect stakeholder with values and derive requirements from that

  • keep iterations small. Week at most

  • Slides