Microservies. Everybody is talking about microservices. Everybody says they do microservces. The definition of microservice architecture is quite broad and vague: functional decoupling into discrete services, hence the number of approaches, with different flavors and implementations is so great - everybody can do microservices differently.

Fact is, not everything needs to stand as autonomous Java applications communicating over HTTP with JSON as a transport language. Different architectures compromises different elements - which is great and show the true flexibility of the approach. However, regardless of implementation there is a set of practices that should be present in all solutions.

What you will learn

During the workshop we will distill, name a couple of patterns and play with an example implementation of:

  • service registers and discovery

  • circuit breakers

  • consumer driven contracts

  • centralized logging and monitoring

  • approaches in front-end web architecture (API gateway)

Get in touch

I’m happy to talk. I can be reached via twitter, linkedin or traditionally through kuba.marchwicki at gmail.com