Workshop description


The workshop covers both changes in the API, as well as the basics of functional (declarative) programming. It introduces new ways of thinking when working with both legacy code as well as green field projects.

During the workshop we cover changes in the language (new idoms), practical examples for lambda expressions and streams, as well as ways of refactoring existing code into Java8.

Participants' profile

The workshop is for Java developers willing to learn new Java language elements, introduced within JDK8. Workshop is focused on changes and evolution towards declarative programming, therefore a minimum few years of Java experience is required.


Introduction to declarative programming
  • Consequences of shared state

  • Iteration vs recursion

  • Function as a first-class citizen

    • Higher order functions

    • Currying

  • Lazy data structures

Lambda expressions
  • New language syntax

  • Functional interfaces

  • Method references (constructor references)

  • Functional style of programming in Java

  • Testing functions

  • Collections vs stream

  • Intermediate streams operations (filtering, mapping)

  • Terminal streams operations (reducing, collecting, partitioning)

  • Parallel streams

New Date API
  • Introducing to java.time package

  • Working with dates and time objects

    • Introduction to time zones

Completable Future
  • Limitations of Future<T> interface

  • Reactive (non-blocking) multithreaded applications

  • Working with asynchronous code: processing, transforming and combining results

Enhancements in JDK
  • Default and static methods in interfaces

  • Running JavaScript directly from JVM (Nashorn engine)

  • Existing API enhancements (HashMap, Optional, etc)

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